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High costs for contact lists of trading partners abroad?

For the provision of contact lists the AHK and external companies often demand amounts in the

4-digit range. Benefit from our contacts completely free of charge. We have the best connections to the most diverse distribution and trading partners for electronic products worldwide.

Our partners are individually selected and offer a very high quality to meet your personal requirements.

No answer to mails and having problems with the communication?

We take care of the contact with foreign trading partners. Often there are problems with companies outside of Europe when it comes to contacting them, such as no response to emails, communication difficulties due to poor English or another mentality. This kind of concern is now a thing of the past for you!

Benefit from our network of companies all over the world. We connect with the respective companies and take care of the entire communication for you.

You cannot find a dealer for your products?

We help you to find the right distribution partner who either offers the products you are looking for or adds your goods to his portfolio. We rely on dealers who have proven to be reputable, reliable and competent in the past. Thereby we guarantee a high product quality as well as a smooth business process.

Uncertainty of financial transactions with foreign customers?

You are concerned about transferring large sums to companies abroad. With us you can carry out any kind of transactions without hesitation. We take all responsibility for the purchase of products from abroad, including the financial risk. We work together with our verified partners, who successfully passed our background check and have proven themselves through a serious and reliable cooperation. Do not transfer money to unsafe and anonymous foreign accounts, but only to our German Whitebox company account and let us do the rest of the work. 

In addition, you benefit from German and European law protection and are not dependent on the legislation of China, Vietnam or other countries outside the EU.

Excessive transport costs?

We take care of the transport of your products and make sure that the costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Even if you want to import a smaller amount of products or just a small volume, we will ensure that we combine different goods for transport into the container and thus use the maximum available volume. Through the optimized shipping process, we reduce transport costs and thereby increase your profits.

No expertise with Incoterms?

Especially in Asia, there is a risk that companies will work with false Incoterms, which may result in your goods being uninsured and you have to pay for any damages that may occur. Benefit from our know-how to conclude agreements with standard contractual formulas in international trade and avoid unnecessarily high costs and unnecessary risks.

Unreliable and unpunctual deliveries?

The competent Whitebox team ensures that you never have to wait for your products again. With our reliable partners, we are able to ship your goods as quickly as possible and meet the date tailored to your needs. With the experienced logistics companies, we work out your individual way of shipping via air, water or land.

Unexpected import costs and long waiting times at customs?

Our tasks include comprehensive support for import and export. This implies precise preparation and close communication with the responsible customs authorities. As a result, we are in a position to accurately determine all custom duties incurred in order to guarantee a smooth flow, so that your products do not spend unnecessarily long in the customs warehouse. This saves you time and money.

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